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 Customized, Relevant, & Actionable Products Based on Data Collection Procedures to Maximize the Resulting  Accuracy, Precision, & Consistency 

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TCAS Analytics

Every client, every situation, and every set of environmental variables demands a sUAS pilot and crew to arrive on scene fully equipped, extensively trained, and highly competent. This is what 5 combined decades of civil aviation industry experience has taught us is the minimum requirements to ensure that no decision point reached during the mission lead up & execution is reached in a deliberate and expected manner. 

Meeting the demands required when highly accurate results and precision-based standard are critical begins with a keen attention to detail from the very first step of the mission planning and continuing consistently until the all client requirements are met and mission is formally closed out and secured our designated archive server.

If you know exactly what is needed or just have an abstract idea, lets have that conversation.

Highly accurate & detailed digital 3D models are rendered through the use of multiple photos of the same area or building, ideally at multiple oblique camera angles, by a powerful industry leading software program which TCAS Analytics has available in house for fast turnaround and meticulous QA.

3D Modeling of Land & Structures

Orthomosaic maps are detailed high resolution photo representations of large scale areas, created out of many photos that have been "stitched" together and geometrically corrected (“orthorectified”) so that it is as accurate as a map.

Orthomosaic Mapping

While often assumed the most basic beginner use of a drone, the subject matter expertise and refined skills required to capture a photo or video which accurately meets a clients' expectations  takes decades of dedication and trial & error to develop and master. You can expect nothing short of this. 

Photo & Video Prods

TCAS Analytics

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