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 Tailored Mission Planning

& Execution  Supporting Client sUAS Operational & Training Requirements

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TCAS Analytics

The missions and applications sUAS, or "drones", are used for are far too numerous to list. Every day, the number of roles sUAS play in our world continue to expand from what we know, into what we never thought to try, until it was attempted. Even the drone applications we consider "typical" were, at one time, novel ideas having never been attempted.


TCAS Analytics is as comfortable with the unknowns as we are with the mundane, being well versed in the structured processes of testing new ideas, as well as the subtle art of doing so.


Whether your project has been done a millions times, or 0 times, lets have that conversation.

Ops Support & Training

TCAS Analytics

Support to Public Safety & Emergency Services

  • On Scene Short Notice Support

  • Missing Persons E/O & Thermal Video Feed SAR Operational Support

  • Provide Real-Time Actionable Situational Awareness Directly to Incident Commander 

  • Enable LE Full AO Perimeter Persistent Surveillance 

  • Fully Cleared Pilots & Support Personnel

  • TCAS-A Pilots and Support Personnel Bring a Diverse History of Supporting Real-World Federal, State, and Local LE & IC Agencies

  • Comprehensive Civil Aviation Industry Consulting & Regulatory Agency Liaison & Advocacy 

* TCAS Analytics remains committed to supporting the Southern Maryland community with on demand public safety and onshore/ offshore SAR support at no cost to those involved or the agencies supported

Data Collect & Process

TCAS Analytics

Infrastructure & Structure Inspections

  • Full 3D Modelling & Analysis of Radio and Cellular Tower Facilities

  • Defined Interval Power Line Transmission Tower & Component Insp.

  • Diverse sUAS Drone Fleet Including Both Multi-Rotor & Fixed Wing Solutions

  • E/O, Multispectral, & IR Thermal Imaging For All Inspection Options

  • Solar Farm Inspections to Identify Specific Panels Requiring Attention

  • High Resolution Visual Inspections of All Wind Turbine Blade Inspections

  • Significant Reductions in Legacy Inspection Costs & Personnel Risks of Industrial Inspection Requirements

  • OSHA-10 Certified Pilots 

Aerial Photo & Video

TCAS Analytics

Special Family Events & Youth Sports Events

  • Add Aerial Footage to The Footage of Your Family's Important Experiences

  • Development of Coverage Plan to Ensure Desired Video/ Photo Footage

  • All Drone Operation Regulatory Compliance is Fully Ensured 

  • All Pilots, Drones, & Sensor Payloads Used Are Fully Insured & FAA Certified Where Required

         Video Resolution & Frame Rates Available (p)

  • UHD (4K Video):

4096 x 2160: 24p, 25p

3840 x 2160: 24p, 25p, 30p

  • FHD (1080p Video):

1920 x 1080: 24p, 25p, 30p, 48p, 50p, 60p

  • HD (720p Video):

1280 x 720: 24p, 25p, 30p, 48p, 50p, 60p

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