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TCAS Analytics - Who We Are

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When the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) implemented the new Part 107 Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) regulatory requirements, the legacy drone community, which had at times been considered a nuisance and increased risk to safety of flight, transformed into the civil aviation industry's newest fully fledged sector. As a regulated member of the civil aviation community, safety of flight has displaced all other priorities with respect to every aspect of sUAS operations. 

TCAS Analytics is building far more than just a drone-for-hire service to take pictures. We're building an unmanned aircraft deployment system which will operates in accordance with our detailed commercial operations manual, safety management system guidance, and with the procedural discipline we've been using during the decades spent in the manned aviation sector. 

TCAS Analytics strives everyday to set the standards for safety risk management and client satisfaction as a regional leader in the sUAS service provider community. 

TCAS Analytics Bio

Who We Are & What We Bring

Pics & Bio
  • 20 Years In Civil Aviation Industry

  • BS in Aviation Science

  • FAA Certifications

    • Part 107 Remote Pilot

    • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

      • SEL/ MEL Fixed Wing

      • Rotary Wing - Turbine

    • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

  • Over 5,000 Flight Hours Logged

  • Key Career Expertise & Experience

    • Corporate Aircraft Pilot Operations

    • Precision Flight Planning & Operations  Survey & Data Collection (Manned)

    • US National Air Carrier Initial Pilot Training Programs & Requirements

    • Authorized DC SFRA Flight Operations & Procedures 

Grant Ebner
Pete Lehmann
Pete Lehmann
  • 30 Years In Civil Aviation Industry

  • US Army & Air National Guard Veteran

  • BS in Aviation Systems

  • FAA Certifications

    • Part 107 Remote Pilot

    • Commercial Pilot - SEL/MEL

    • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

    • CFI Instruments (CFII)

    • Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI)

    • Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic

  • Over 2,000 Flight Hours Logged

  • Key Career Expertise & Experience

    • FAA Airspace & Air Traffic Services​

    • FAA Air Traffic Surveillance Systems

    • ADS-B System Operational Capabilities, Limitations, & Theory

    • FAA Regulatory Rule-making Process & Requirements

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